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entrepreneurial, not institutional

We're Not Your Typical Private Equity Group


Blue Olive Partners LLC, is comprised of a team of accomplished business operating executives whose mission is to provide capital and operating experience to select small and lower mid-market companies. Our focus is on investment, development, and growth acceleration.


We are entrepreneurs with operating experience and capital to share with companies and owners that can appreciate the value we can provide. We are not a private equity firm with a fund and a portfolio to manage. We aren’t bound to sell off the businesses we invest in in 3-5 years to monetize our returns.


Blue Olive concentrates on lower middle-market companies primarily in manufacturing, value-added distribution and business services where we can add industry-specific expertise and experience. We have owned and operated these kinds of businesses, not as private equity portfolio managers, but as entrepreneurs and operating executives.

Been There. Done That. Want To Do It Again.

We know the merger and acquisition process both from the perspective of an owner parting with an enterprise and team built over years of effort as well as being a buyer making a strategic acquisition. We have been on both sides of the equation on multiple occasions and we know the key to success is to put together deals where everyone benefits. We have supported high growth companies as well as companies that were in trouble and needed help. We have extensive experience driving aggressive organic growth plans as well as executing bolt-on acquisition strategies and led successful integrations.

Not Your Typical Private Equity



Blue Olive Partners, LLC

Our Specialties

Private equity investment

Business growth strategy, development and execution

Operating management

Success management systems

Performance improvement


~ Established 2008 ~

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